What is BloodLoop?

Introduction and general informations.


BloodLoop is an MMO-NFT game inspired by the mechanics of the world's leading competitive video games, where players will be able to demonstrate their skills and abilities while earning exclusive rewards.
Within BloodLoop players will have the opportunity to:
  • Challenge each other in competitive matches.
  • Trade, buy and sell unique NFTs.
  • Earn cryptocurrencies.
  • Receive rewards for every game played.
  • Build a reputation in the metaverse.
All NFTs, including weapons and aesthetic collectibles, will be offered to players on a rotating basis through the in-game shop, on a first-come-first-serve basis, to create dynamism and demand in the marketplace.
What makes BloodLoop Metaverse different from all other NFT-games? The best player won't be the one who will spend endless hours in-game doing the same actions, but the one who will give everything to improve skills, showing them to the whole world and proving to be the strongest player of all.
Do you think that FPS games are not for you? Are you only interested in NFTs? Don't worry, BloodLoop's game system allows you to enjoy both aspects of the game. In fact, the MMO component of BloodLoop, its Mass Lobby system, will let every player open his shop and sell modifiers, camouflage, weapons, or sights to players from all over the world.
In BloodLoop, your race, gender, and religion are not important. You will never be judged for your origins. The only important thing will be your talent. You will be valued only for your skills, and if someone will come to challenge you, it will be exclusively for the milestones you achieve.
Become the strongest player or impose your hegemony on the markets.
Our metaverse is awaiting you.


BloodLoop's economy is based on a dynamic system of exchanges and rewards, built on $BLS and $LF coins and $LAVAX.
$BLS (Blood Loop Shard) is the main currency of the game. It allows players to create their first character, to buy NFTs through the internal Marketplace. It also makes it possible to interact with all the staking systems and farming solutions.
$LF (Loop Fragment) is the currency used to pay in-game rewards to players. It will allow users, in addition to earning money for their epic performances, to craft new weapons, interact with mini-games, and enjoy the betting system.
You can obtain Loop Fragments by demonstrating your value in battle through the following actions:
  • Winning ranked matches.
  • Climbing the weekly leaderboards.
  • Winning official tournaments.
  • Winning bets.
  • Taking part in mini-games in the lobby.
$LAVAX (Looped AVAX) is the coin that will allow users to buy NFTs in-game, without having to use an external browser-based marketplace


The goal of the project is to make the gaming universe and blockchain world fully integrated into BloodLoop's product, paving the way for a brighter future for NFT Game, where Game and NFT will be on equal footing.
BloodLoop is for real gamers who want to prove themselves and be rewarded for their time and talent.