BloodLoop is a game based entirely on and for the needs of the community. Both players and dev team will work together to improve the in-game experience, endlessly.
Through BloodLoop's community channels, you will be able to submit your ideas for improvement, report bugs and problems and receive constant assistance from our team.
The ideal is based on the fact that every idea is an idea for improvement, and if many players want something, the BloodLoop community team will listen to them and make the necessary improvements to succeed.
In a later stage of the game the team will aim to introduce a systems of creation and sale directly from the community. So if you are a creative and would like to create outfits, shoes, and other equipment, BloodLoop will allow you to create your virtual marketplace, where you can sell your creations, made on white samples provided by the game development team.
After the approval of the sales team, you can show them off on the map and let the rest of the players see what you've created, and who knows, maybe even sell them!