Looped AVAX - $LAVAX

Tax-Free In-Game Currency
Compared to all other NFT games, BloodLoop gives the opportunity to all players to buy NFTs in-game, without having to use an external browser-based marketplace. This provides more in depth experience in-game, freedom and flexibility for the Players and also more linearity in the whole ecosystem.
To ensure this, a fully virtual currency will be integrated into the game which will not tradable via any exchange. It takes the name of Looped AVAX, $LAVAX.
LAVAXs can only be obtained by conversion through our website:
simply connect your wallet, decide the amount in AVAX you want to bring into the game, and get them converted into LAVAX. Don't worry, your assets will be stored in the Market Treasury, and will be withdrawable at any time in AVAX, through the same conversion process.
All trades on the internal Marketplace, both in the Auction Houses and on the browser or mobile version are done through LAVAX. Funds are automatically credited to your Loop Wallets at the time of sale and withdraw them from the Treasury and move them to AVAX in your wallet, at any time.
LAVAX is pegged 1:1 with AVAX, so any price fluctuations in AVAX will be reflected in the fiat value of your LAVAX.
We would like to reiterate the fact that $LAVAX can't be purchased via Exchanges or any other means or source besides BLS's website. There will never be a contract to purchase it and so beware of fraud.