Loop Wallet - Economy Mechanics

BloodLoop's transaction system represents our cutting edge ideas, from a business and technical perspective.
In the key moments of conception and development of our ecosystem, the core team asked themselves what is probably the key question that all teams grappling with big projects ask themselves, the one million dollar question: "On which blockchain are we going to launch?"
After brainstorming and discussion, Avalanche network was decided, mostly because of the maturity of the ecosystem and the huge reach of users.
Each player will have a virtualized wallet in BloodLoop, which can be reloaded by sending funds to Perpetual Reserve through the website. This makes every transaction carried out in the game completely tax-free, as everything will be done internally at the treasury. Rather than transferring funds from one wallet to another in the event of a sale, for example, the allocation of a portion of the treasury's funds corresponding to the value of the sale will be transferred from one wallet to another.
In this way, each user will be subject to gas fees only if he wants to transfer externally his funds from the treasury to his own wallet. This makes us for all intents and purposes the P2E game on the AVAX network with the least gas fees, and makes the gaming experience smooth and immersive.