Clan War

Clans are at the heart of LoopVerse expansion, as well as the basis for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) system.
Clan Wars are weekly battles, funded entirely by the Perpetual Reserve, that aim to settle the dominance of the clans over each other, establish an order of power, and make the economy more dynamic.
Each Clan War involves all 8 Clans clashing over vast battle territories, with the ultimate goal of being the last Clan standing, or inflicting more damage and taking less. The battles between Clans take on a component more Tower-Defense than the rest of the game, in optics to the fact that each side is given a base to defend, where you can take refuge and reorganize for battle.
To avoid overcrowding the game map, a clan war consists of a subset of clashes between clan representatives, chosen weekly by the clan leader, who fights in lobbies of 50 players per clan. The total number of lobbies varies based on the number of people requesting to join the weekly battle and will be decided based on the maximum number of participants from the clan with the fewest requests.
They differ in a large number of aspects from the classic modes listed above:
  • The entire equipment, including bulletproof armor and consumables, must be brought into the game by the player himself, who can craft it with the materials obtained in the battles at the Spiral Forge.
  • Thanks to a containment dome made with S.R.Q.F. technology, the overall health of each PG is exponentially increased, but in the event that it is eliminated, it does not have the ability to be rewound and is therefore teleported away from the Dyert.
  • In case of death, there is a low chance of dropping some or all of one's possessions. In case they are collected by a member of your clan, they will be immediately returned to your inventory, in case a member of another clan collects them, they will become part of the war booty of that clan, regardless of the outcome of the war.
  • The Base is a safe zone to repair your arsenal, pick up additional items from the Perpetual Reserve, and heal yourself. This does not mean that you can stay inside without worrying. If at least 15 players, even from different clans, approach the doors of the base enough, they can all start hacking the loop-security system together, causing the protective shield to fall, and putting the entire team at risk.
Sub-clan wars can only end in three ways:
  • The time limit of 90 minutes is reached, victory is awarded, in order, to the 4 clans with the most total damage and kills.
  • A clan eliminates the rest of the players, victory is awarded to it only.
  • The majority of clans still in the game decide to raise the white flag. In this case, the victory is awarded to all signatories of the truce.
Each Clan War has a war chest funded entirely by the Reserve, with large rewards in $BLS and $LF. These rewards will allow the Clan to finance subsequent wars and increase their ranks, thus increasing their military power.