Fighting - Prove your worth

BloodLoop's combat system is obviously the main P2E component of the game.
All the modes listed above are available in casual and competitive versions:
  • Casual games: you can only get crafting materials in quantity and rarity proportional to your performance in the game and the final result of your team.
  • Competitive games, you will be able to get $LF rewards as well as materials.
At the beginning of each week, the loot for the following days will be decided. This loot represents the reward given to the winning team or player.
It does not vary between team games o free-for-all games: if you decide to team up to be supported by your teammates or other players, the loot will be divided equally among all team members.
Each Loopian has a maximum number of competitive games they can play each day, before having to rest.
Even if not able to fight competitive games, Loopians can still continue to explore the Infinity Plaza and of course, craft, sell and buy items, as well as play casual to farm materials.