Character Generation

How to get started with BloodLoop.
To enter the BloodLoop metaverse, you need to own at least one playing character, referred as "Loopian". They are provided to players in the form of NFTs, they are the key to access the game, and have no expiration date or renewal. They will be yours forever until you decide to trade.
Each Loopian in BloodLoop is procedurally generated with different rarity traits, random features when it is minted by a user who wants to access the game. Rarity rank(s) will be available once the minting has terminated.
Example of facial traits (beard/haricut)
These traits are modifiers that alter predefined traits in each PG. These traits are:
  • Skin color
  • Color and haircut
  • Face traits
  • Body type and height
  • Particular signs on the face (tattoos, scars, etc.).
  • Distinctive features on the arms (tattoos, scars, etc.)
  • Distinguishing marks on the chest and back
  • Marks on hands
Sometimes, it will be possible to mint unique characters, with reduced runs if not 1/1.
All PCs can be sold both on our internal marketplace and on the most important NFT marketplaces we will be in touch with .
Each Loopian, at the time of minting, is equipped with a basic set of traits, consisting of minimal clothing, and a basic main weapon, to choose from the various categories available, as well as a secondary gun and a knife.
Example of facial traits (haircut/color)
Each player will have 5 PG slots, so he can mint and own up to 5 Loopians at the same time, which in turn will be provided with an internal inventory for weapons, modifiers, skins, and clothing.
Loopian's inventories are an integral part of the NFT itself tied to the PG, consequently, once put up for sale on the market, all of his possessions are also sold with it unless they are moved to the external inventory, or deposited in the Lobby's safe deposit boxes.
Each Loopian has a fixed cost in BLS, necessary for minting.
BLS used for minting will be sent directly to the Perpetual Reserve as an additional collateral to pay for staking rewards and/or additional game and tournaments rewards.
Initially, in the early stages of development of the Project, this cost(s) will be 100% rebated by staking your Loopians on the platform.
Face traits (nose/haircut/eyes colors)