Infinity Plaza - Lobby

What is the Lobby? How does it work?
One of the revolutionary features of BloodLoop, and what entirely integrates it to the metaverse concept, is its Lobby.
The Lobby, which goes by the name of Infinity Plaza, is the beating heart of trade and interaction between Players in-game. Accessible through any PG, is a common "no-fight zone" area where players can meet, trade, take part in mini-games, or just chat.
Infinity Plaza - Pre-Alpha v.0.0.2
Also, around the Lobby, it will be possible to identify a number of key structures for the Players of the game:
  • The Portals, known as Dyert
  • The Auction House
  • The Foundry, known as the Spiral Forge
  • The Bank, also known as the Perpetual Reserve
  • The Clans hangouts
  • The Bookmakers' Arena
Through each of these components, users will be able to interface with the socio-economic dynamics of the metaverse, becoming an integral and fundamental part of it.
Infinity Plaza - Pre-Alpha v.0.0.2
Infinity Plaza is managed with a synchronous multi-server system, which allows users to enter smaller sub-lobbies, and decide whether to view the entirety of the players present in all lobbies, or only the PGs present in the chosen lobby, or a small number. This ensures improved performance even for users with previous generation devices.
You can show everyone your weapons, your skins, and your clothing, without worrying about being challenged: Infinity Plaza is completely PVP-Free and gives you the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the multiple perks of the game even when you are not in competition